Rufus Wiena
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Leaves People Speechless

Rufus’ unique style of public speaking is a combination of his sophisticated knowledge of the human mind with his Neuromagic and Psychological Manipulation that could be defined as an art of persuasion which blurs the fine line between what is real and fantasy. Rufus’s knowledge is highly valued by acclaimed experts, professors and clients. The main goal for each and every speech is to make the most of the allocated timeframe by providing the most powerful and interesting material possible. This keeps the audience intrigued and wanting more. Rufus is speaking all over the world and his main market right now is Europe, USA and Central America. He speaks English, Spanish and Swedish fluently.

Rufus’ presentations are nowhere to be found or taught online. This exclusive information can only be achieved by attending his live seminar or workshop. (No recording equipment of any kind is allowed)


“You know far less about yourself
than you feel you do”
— Daniel Khaneman

Learn how to learn in order to remember and recall: Names, words, and any type of information

Control your autonomic nervous system and immune system

Rufus takes the audience backstage and reveals some of his most valuable secrets in Neuromagic