"Forgot their name?"


"Learn languages"


"Create a Mind Palace"


Recall Anything

Gain confidence in your daily life. Have the ability to recall more than the average list of names and numbers. Create a more efficient way of learning a foreign language.

You will obtain an in-depth course on how to master Mnemonics like the World Champions in Memory do. This course will give you a review of the Linking Method, Substitute Method and The Memory Palace Method.

About the Memory course

In the course, you will learn how to use memory techniques and connect lists of items with mental pictures. These techniques are used amongst the worlds sharpest minds, especially with the World Champions of memory. Imagine being able to remember and recall a list of 10 names after a quick introduction at a meeting? Or a list of 30 reminders in any given order in a 30-minute crash course with Rufus Wiena?

This course is ideal for individuals who need to prep for an important meeting or exam and need to remember chunks of information at a time. Well, fret no more! In this course, you will learn how to create a "Mind Palace" and store almost endless amounts of information. You will also be able to recall the information stored in your mind palace instantly and at any given time. You're probably thinking, 'It's too good to be true!' But I can assure you this technique will absolutely amaze you!

Whether you choose to apply these Mnemonics and memory techniques to your work or daily life we can assure you that it will be fun, engaging, and worth every second. Mnemonics and the other memory techniques can be applied in the following fields:

• Learning foreign languages
• Recalling names
• Speeches & Presentations
• Mathematics
• Communication & instructions
• and much more...

What will I learn? 

The timeframe of learning these skills below will vary depending on the level of difficulty

Basic | Half Day

Intermediate | Full Day

Advanced | Two Days

  • Learn how to remember and recall names, words and any type of information.

  • Learn how to learn and remember new information more efficiently

  • Learn the memory techniques which the World Champions in memory use.

  • Learn how the Linking Method, Replacement Method and Memory Palace Method

  • Learn the principles of Advanced Methods for numbers and how to store large quantity of information by using the Memory Palace technique.

  • Learn how to learn a language effectively, while using stimulating and fun exercises along the way.