Memorize And Recall Anything

One of the most beautiful sounds for our ears is our own name and yet still most of us are very bad at remembering someone’s name. Rufus will teach you how to remember and recall anything in a remarkable fast and efficient way. In order to be more efficient with your time you need to learn how to learn.

About the Memory

Politicians, doctors, sales people, presidents, CEO’s, athletes and many others have experienced Rufus’s memory course. These techniques will help you save time and learn things faster (World Champions of Memory uses the exact same techniques). Imagine being able to remember and recall 10 people’s names after a quick introduction at a meeting? A list of 30 reminders in any given order? Being able to read a book three times faster? Or how to hold a presentation without any notes and without forgetting any details?

In this course, Rufus teaches you things like how to remember names, how to store and instantly recall information by using “Mind Palaces" (in your brain), where you can store almost an endless amount of information. You're probably thinking, “It's too good to be true!” But I can assure you this technique will absolutely amaze you!

Whether you choose to learn, master and apply these memory techniques to your work or daily life we can assure you that it will be of great value and worth every second.

It can also be applied in the following fields:

• Learning foreign languages
• Remembering & Recalling names
• Speeches & Presentations
• Mathematics
• Communication & instructions
• and much more...

I could not believe my eyes when I saw Rufus Wiena recite the names of all the 138 people just from his memory before leaving the stage
— Kevin McCharty, House Majority Leader

What will you learn? 

The timeframe of learning these skills below will vary depending on the level of difficulty

Basic | Half Day

  • Learn how to remember and recall names, reminders and information

  • Learn how to use the linking method, major system and mind palace

  • Learn how to learn in the most efficient way possible. Things of Importance (Motivation, distraction, mental pictures, five senses, food etc)

Intermediate | Full Day

  • Learn how to learn a language the the most efficient way

  • Learn how to read a book three times faster or even quicker by “speed reading techniques”