Brain Hacking



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(Neuro Linguistic Programming)

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"Identify deceptive behaviour"


Become a Sherlock Holmes

Develop an understanding of how to read people, detect lies, plant an idea into someones head, and leave a positive first impressions.

Learn all there is to know about verbal and non-verbal techniques. Master the ability to redirect and take control of a conversation or person!(?)

This “Brain Hacking” course is an excellent choice in order to boost your sales and to get a better communication between your circles.

What is Brain Hacking?

This educational course will teach you techniques to better understand psychological manipulation, a behaviour commonly used by humans to get what they want. The course will give you a deeper understanding of how to identify deceptive behaviour. The course will provide an overview of micro- and macro expressions, body gestures, eye movements, pulse reading, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) and much more. These are just a few of the areas we will dive into so that you can become a better communicator, influencer and ultimately give you a better understanding of how the human brain works. 

The ability to read and understand how humans make decisions is the central focus of this course and it will further reveal the concept of "Brain Hacking". The subconscious part of the brain also plays a big role, as we discuss the link between the subconscious and conscious part of your brain (System 1 and system 2, Daniel Khaneman). The fastest way to connect these two parts is by a notion we refer to as "intuition" also known as, ’the gut feeling’. In the course, you will see a bewildering step-by-step demonstration from Rufus Wiena, on how to tap into a person brain by using a series of techniques learned in this course.

What will I learn?

• Learn how to make someone like you
• Learn how to identify deceptive behaviour and lies
• Learn how read body language: macro- and micro-expressions
• Learn how to use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
• Learn how the power of suggestion can have a great impact on you and others
• Learn how to take control of a conversation verbally and non-verbally
• Learn how to influence and impact someones subconscious
• Learn how the intuition can be a great tool of use in your daily life