Rufus Wiena

Rufus Wiena is now a self thought Neuromagician & Cardologist (Specialized in card treatment) but everything started back when he was an elite long distans runner for Hälle IF back in Sweden. He was aiming to become the top fastest long distans runner of Sweden. At age of seventeen he got struck by something doctors refers to as exercise-induced asthma.  Suddenly his dream of becoming a professional athlete was far from sight. Shortly after receiving these devastating news he went with his family for vacation to Canary Islands and there met an magician called Felix Cabrera. Felix worked as a magician to entertain the guests at the hotel where Rufus and his family were staying. Felix and Rufus became soon friends after Rufus was able to figure out one of Felix's card tricks. During their stay at the hotel Felix actually helped, thought and gave advice to Rufus in order for him the learn some magic tricks...

2009 Back home in Sweden he contacted some magicians near his town and by one occasion he met the World Champion of Card Card Magic Lennart Green who has inspired Rufus to become what he is today. It only took him a year of hard practice and Rufus became Swedish Junior Champion in Card Magic. This new career as a magician took him to his first ever TV appearance in Kurdistan for the the channel Kurdsat TV. It was broadcasted over a week in Irak, Iran, Turkey and Syria. After this lightning start he took of as a world travelling magician and has continuously kept on studying hard and developing new skills during this global journey. He is self thought and he has been performing his art of Neuromagic at different event, context and TV-stations almost at all seven continents in the world; North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. (Antarctica is still missing).

2010 he decided to make Andalusia, Spain his permanent "hub", sort to speak. He continued to practice, work and collect inspiration from the entire region of Andalusia. Flamenco music, math, food, history has been of big importance of how different things has shaped Rufus way of perceiving, practicing, developing, learning and inventing new tricks, illusions, projects and skills.

2012 he was performing with some of Spain's most famous artist in Spain's most popular Tv-Show, "Menuda noche con Juan y Medio"

2014 he was invited as an exclusive performer at MTV's Celebrity Movie Award Show in Los Angeles. He was also competing in the European Championship of Card Magic and came on fourth place.

2016 He started the company Master Competence Sverige AB with the idea to work, educate and teach companies some of his professional skills like Memory, Brainhacking and Mental Training.