Rufus Wiena

Body Language | NLP | Mind Reading

This educational course will teach you techniques to better understand psychological manipulation; a natural behaviour humans use more often times than not in order to achieve what they want. The course will give you an overview of micro & macro expressions, body gestures, eye movements, pulse, skin color and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) etc. These are just a few of the elements we will dive into, which will ultimately make you a better communicator and even have the ability to manipulate the human brain. A psych course on feelings and emotions will also be covered in this section. The ability to read and understand human opinions is of big importance to this course and will further unravel the concept of mind reading. The subconscious part of the brain plays a big role in this course, as we discuss the link between the subconscious and conscious part of your brain. We refer to this link as intuition or a more common phrase, ’the gut feeling’. The educational course will then provide you with a bewildering demonstration from the speaker and course instructor, Rufus Wiena, where he will show you a step-by-step on how to tap into a persons brain by using a series of techniques from this course.

This Course Will Give You 

  • Gain a greater understanding of the personal safety zone, first impressions, and how to influence others. 
  • Knowledge of verbal and non-verbal techniques. The ability to redirect and take control over a conversation.
  • Understanding of body language and its complexity.

Mental Training

Take Control


We have taken mental training one step further

For the first time in history we have scientifically proven that it is possible to control your automatic nervous system. The easiest way to achieve this seems to be through exposure to extreme cold temperatures. However, being exposed to such temperatures can have a big impact on both your physical and mental health. In order to achieve such level of competence you must learn theoretical and practical techniques to be able to master a certain level of body and mind control.

Each and every individual has the ability to reach this state of control. It is a mental ability that simply needs to be discovered or awakened. A vital component is the power of suggestion. It is something that should not be underestimated as it has the ability to induce a trans state, create a disconnection with time and ultimately has the power to alter or eliminate certain habits. A trans state of mind can be applied to mundane situations such as long distance running or in more critical situations

such as irrational fears. This course is so powerful it will not only change the way you see yourself (own abilities), but it will create radical improvements to your overall health.

This Course Will Give You

  • The ability to control both your autonomic nervous system and immune system.
  • An understanding of your mental capabilities and ultimately better your mental health.
  • The ability to control stress levels, blood circulation, and gain self confidence.




How To Remember Anything

Use memory techniques to learn how to associate everything you want to remember into mental pictures. These techniques are used amongst the worlds sharpest minds. Especially with the World Champions of memory. Imagine yourself being able to remember and recall 10 names just after a quick introduction at a meeting or a list of 30 reminders in any order in a 30 minute crash course with Rufus Wiena. Whether you choose to apply Mnemonics to your work or daily life we can assure you that these techniques will be fun, engaging, and worth every second. Mnemonics can be applied in the following fields: 

- Learning a foreign Language - Recalling Names - Mathematics - Communication and instructions 

This Will Give You 

  • Confidence in your daily life. The ability to recall more than the average list of names and numbers. A more efficient way of learning a foreign language.
  • An in depth course on how to master Mnemonics like the World Champions in Memory do. A review of the Linking Method, Substitute Method and The Memory Palace method.