Impromptu Full Deck Memorization

It started as a personal obsession for Rufus Wiena: An impossible idea in the field of Magic that turned into a habit of daily practice and finally became his most important, powerful and useful tool in life. Through IFDM, Rufus is able to grab any deck of playing cards and “instantly” memorize it while performing his card trick performance. You will experience a 100% IMPROMPTU, full deck, memorization card routine that can be done anywhere at any time and with any deck of playing cards. IFDM is based on a technique considered by Neuroscience experts as one of the most important skills you can possibly learn in the 21st Century. It is so much more than just a card trick and its possibilities of use in your daily life, work, magic, languages, etc, are endless! So far only a few exclusive audience (such as Google’s SVPs Mr Alan Eustace and Jeff Huber or the House Majority Leader Mr Kevin McCharty) have witnessed it and the impact achieved was simply unrivalled. Remember that one of many beautiful aspects of this piece of art is that you can integrate and apply its fundamentals to almost anything in life in order to unleash the unique magical version of yourself.

As an engineer and general analytical thinker & skeptic, I’m generally not easily impressed — but I was impressed by Rufus. He’s created a new model of “neuromagic” that is both entertaining and relevant for business & leadership development.
— Jeff Huber, former SVP AT Google