Rufus Wiena
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Educative Courses

Rufus has trained and taught people and companies his skills and knowledge worldwide. Professional athletes, lawyers, sales people, politicians in the White House and globally renowned companies like Sharp, Google, Volvo, Santander and many others have benefited from Rufus’ work and reaped from this added value. Rufus’ knowledge is highly valued by acclaimed experts, professors and clients.

Imagine if just one out of ten people in your sales team is capable of growing his or her sales by 30% after attending these courses. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Imagine 20 people in your sales team with similar results!

The different educative courses can take any shape, form or style. For example a workshop, lecture, Team Building, coaching or “one-on-one” session.

Rufus’ presentations are nowhere to be found or taught online. This exclusive information can only be achieved by attending his live seminars, trainings, lectures or workshops. (No recording equipment of any kind is allowed)


 Brain Hacking

“Learn how to read, influence and take control over someone’s mind”


“Learn how to remember and recall names, words and any type of information with ease”

 Mental Training

“Learn how to influence your autonomic nervous system and immune system”

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