Rufus Wiena
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Rufus has trained and taught people and companies his skills and knowledge worldwide. Professional athletes, lawyers, sales people, politicians in the White House and globally renowned companies like Sharp, Google, Volvo, Santander and many others have benefited from Rufus’ work and reaped from this added value. Rufus’ knowledge is highly valued by acclaimed experts, professors and clients.

Rufus’ unique way of teaching by tapping into people’s minds makes his Neuro-Sales-Training ingenuously efficient and exciting. The combination of the three major blocks (Memory, Brain hacking and Mental training) makes your sales people look like “superhumans" when the new learned -, mastered skills and techniques are applied into their work and daily life. He will teach you what he and other experts refers to as some of the most important skills you can possibly learn now in the 21st century. He also always makes sure to demonstrate everything he has learned and mastered live at every session he has.

*Please note that the Neuro-Sales-Training can take any shape, form or style. For example a workshop, lecture, Team Building, coaching or “one-on-one” session.

*Rufus’ presentations are nowhere to be found or taught online. This exclusive information can only be achieved by attending his live seminars, trainings, lectures or workshops. (No recording equipment of any kind is allowed)


Three Major Blocks



“Learn how to remember and recall names, words and any type of information with ease”



“Learn how to read, influence and take control over someone’s mind”



“Learn how to influence your autonomic nervous system and immune system”



It has been a true “brain opener” to watch and experience Rufus’ work on various occasions during my career. I think his Neuro-Sales-Training is a must for any business. We will definitely hire him again soon.”
— Pernilla Linden, CFO at Handicare Group AB
Flawlessly executed! I never thought you were going to be able to hack my brain. Outstanding!
— Alan Eustace, SVP of Knowledge at google
Everyone at our company is still talking about the Neuro-Sales-Training and we are truly impressed by the great impact Rufus’ work has had on the sales team and on our company in general.
— Christer Abrahamsson, Nordic business director at SHARP
I have never witnessed anything like Rufus’ Neuro-Sales-Training. Every corporate and company should experience his Neuro-Sales-Training. Ingeniously efficient!
— Salar khan, Software engineer at Post Mates

 Timeframe and process

Every time Rufus takes on a new business project he makes sure to get 100% involved with the business in order to understand how they work and what their needs are. His experiences of working with different business in various countries with different cultures and languages has taught him how to spot the company’s needs quickly in order to put the right material into process for work. That is why he always customise his Neuro-Sales-Training for each new client.