Rufus is a world-class performer inspiring lives and delivering unforgettable experiences. He has fascinated people all over the world with his incredible dexterity in sleight of hand and psychological skills that many like to call "mind reading" or "a sixth sense". His unique concept Neuromagic, is a combination of psychological manipulation with many other secret ingredients. Neuromagic is an art of persuasion which blurs the fine line between what is real and what is magic.

In this speech Rufus takes the audience “backstage” and not only shows you how he does some of his stuff but as well gives you a deeper insight on what and how Magic and Neuromagic really works. A Neuro-Magician’s daily life and world consists of constant creating, thinking “outside the box”, tons of research which finally becomes years of practice up until it is time to execute the hard work on stage. Practice and constant learning in order to improve and stay sharp is the every day life for Rufus Wiena. He will share some of his most valuable secrets on how he creates Neuromagic from the following areas:

  • Muscle reading (The Ideomotor Phenomenon)

  • Cold Reading and Hot Reading (Commonly used by psychics and Faith Healers)

  • Power of Suggestion (Hypnosis)

  • Memory Techniques - (Mnemonics)

  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

  • Body Language Reading (Macro & Micro expressions + Intuition)

  • Mathematics (Estimation, fast mind calculations, patterns, magical numbers etc)

IBTM World Event Barcelona 2018

IBTM World Event Barcelona 2018

This keynote is definitely a must experience!
— Jarmo Liukkonen, Professor of Sport Pedagogy