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Rufus is a world-class performer inspiring lives and delivering unforgettable experiences. He has fascinated people all over the world with his incredible dexterity in sleight of hand and psychological skills that many like to call "mind reading" and "a sixth sense". His unique concept Neuromagic is a combination of psychological manipulation with many other secret ingredients. Neuromagic is an art of persuasion which blurs the fine line between what is real and what is magic.

In the start of his career, Rufus was awarded first place in the Swedish Junior Championship of Card Magic 2009 and placed fourth in the European Championship of Card Magic 2014. Since he has been performing regularly for different TV stations and participating in various conferences around the world. Some highlights include performing at the MTV’s Movie Celebrities Award Show in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Spain’s most popular TV show ”Menuda Noche con Juan y Medio”.

In recent years Rufus has devoted his time to educational- and inspirational seminars as well as workshops where he takes the audience “backstage” and teaches remarkable memory techniques, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), mind control, how to read body language and much more. His recent work examines how humans can control their own autonomic nervous- and immune system. Renowned companies like Google, MTV, Renault, SHARP, Volvo and many others have benefited from Rufus’ work and reaped from this added value.

Rufus is constantly travelling around the world to participate in different events and contexts. From international events to inaugurations, Rufus is the perfect host, entertainer, and special guest. He adds that extra spark to your gala, premier, or event. Rufus is fluent in English, Spanish, and Swedish. You will be amazed and inspired by his extraordinary talent.